ParaSnowflake 2020/2021

ParaSnowflake 2020/2021

Due Covid-19 situation and restrictions, ParaSnowflake2020/21 is postponed till further notice.
(ParaSnowflake will be on hold, till restrictions won't be released and allow safe meetings. It will then, take place as planned in the past).

Stay safe and sound. 
Best regards!



General info.:
ParaSnowflake is series of flying over the defined points in the winter time in south-west part of Slovenia which allow us to have good soaring condition. Air distances can reach 100km or even more.
Individual flying named as “Snowflake” is not a competition or FAI 2 competition. But it tries to show pilots how the competition looks like. It’s purely individual flying and training for competition.
The main purpose of this event’s is to show this kind of flying to less experience or novice pilots and of course for the pros to keep up their shape.
In that case, experienced pilots won’t loose their edge during winter and less experienced can learn from them.
ParaSnowflake has two types of disciplines. For gliders up to EN-C (sport task) and gliders above EN-C (competition task). 
We will continue with already proven system from the past “events”, which allows pilots with lower class gliders to equally fly with higher classes. We will try to achieve that by putting different/bigger cylinders for lower class in the same route.
In that case the flying can be very interesting....where lower class gliders can equally fly to higher classes. We believe that flying will be very interesting and allow pilots to fly wing – by wing in the air no matter which glider you fly.
Final results will be separated in "overall" and "C-type" and woman (in case of 3 or more participant)

Information’s for unofficial events – Winter Cup:

Schedule plan for events:
-        registration: 9.00 – 10.30
-        first meeting on take off: 11.30
-        downloading tracks: immediately after event in HQ
-        result publishing: “18.00”
-        HQ in restaurant “Picerija Lijak”  (in case of Lijak take off)
-        HQ Anja (in case of Kovk take off)

Free contribution for transport & support: TBA at HQ
-        waypoints uploading
-        Map
-        Transportation to take off
-        transport from landing place to HQ
-        downloading track's and results scoring.

“C-type”: Money prize* + practical prizes and diploma for first three places.
“Woman”: Money prize* + practical prizes and diploma for first three places.
“Overall”:  Money prize* + practical prizes and diplomas for first three places.
* (money prizes will be given in case of average 25 participations per race)

1.The “event” will be held one day in a weekend. The best day for the event will be chosen and published at latest one day before till evening, or cancelled e.g. rescheduled.
Dates will be announced via e-mail messages and FB page.
In that case we could choose the best days for events. Maximum estimated number of events is 6, after which the final results will be announced. In case that there will be less than 6 successful events till end of March 2019 (or till the official FAI2 competition Winter Cup), the result will be announced regarding successfully completed events.
2. Places of events. There two main places for events –  Lijak and Kovk). Other optional places for events are also Buzet and Tribalj (Croatia), Gorenjska and Štajerska for which will be discussed in case of request.
3.The winner of Paragliding Winter Cup – Snowflake is the best overall scored pilot by the GAP formula, with FTV 25%
4. All participants must have valid ZPLS sticker.
5. Participants must have necessary paragliding equipment and valid paragliding license. Flying is at your own risk!