XC Savinjska Open 2022

XC Savinjska Open 2022

FAI 2 Paragliding competition organized in Slovenia (Savinjska dolina). 

Društvo jadralnih padalcev Aves 
Grajska vas 24A
3303 Gomilsko
Meet director: Mitja Jančič (mitjajancic@gmail.com)

Competition place

Competition will be held in Savinjska dolina. There are 4 takeoffs, depending on the wind direction and thermal conditions. HQ will be mobile on landing. More info here: https://djp-aves.si/xc-savinjska-open/

Dobrovlje - http://xcglobe.com/sites#site/24075x6004/
Malič - http://xcglobe.com/sites#site/24015x6082/
Konjiška gora - http://xcglobe.com/sites#site/24094x6139/
Kopitnik - http://xcglobe.com/sites#site/23979x6070/

Competition days

19.-20. March 2022

No reserve dates

Final decision will be made at least 2 days prior to competition start.

Registration and payment

SLO COMPS https://comps.sffa.org

Maximum number of pilots: 60 (min 20 places for foreign pilots)

Pilot entry fee: 50 EUR 


  • retrieval
  • takeoff fees
  • a map with turnpoints
  • daily lunch packet or food cupon 
  • collection of flight data, calculating and posting results
  • prizes and trophies for winners
  • goal beer

DJP Aves
Grajska vas 24A
3303 Gomilsko
VAT: 23027959
TRR: SI56 6100 0002 4791 510.

In case the event is cancelled due to the inclement weather conditions, the organiser reserves the right to 10 € of the participation fee (of each pilot).

Daily Schedule

Registration and reception of pilots 19.3.2022 from 7:00 onward at decided landing, exact location to be declared later!

Saturday, 19.3.2022

- 10:00, departure to take off
- 11:00, task briefing at TO
- 18:30, provisional results

Sunday, 20.3.2022

- 10:00, departure to take off
- 11:00, task briefing at TO
- 17:00, provisional results
- 18:00, final results, award ceremony

Prizes and awards

Trophies and practical awards in all categories: 

  • OVERALL  (certified gliders EN/LTF A, EN/LTF B, EN/LTF C, EN/LTF D, CCC)
  • SERIAL CLASS (certified gliders EN-D)
  • SPORT CLASS (certified gliders EN-C)
  • FUN CLASS (certified gliders up to EN-B)
  • FEMALE PILOTS  (certified gliders EN/LTF A, EN/LTF B, EN/LTF C, EN/LTF D, CCC)

Participation requirements:

Valid pilot license and valid FAI sporting license

IPPI card level 5 - if you dont have it contact us by mail

Medical insurance covering paragliding (proof will be checked at competition registration)

Third party liability insurance covering paragliding (proof will be checked at competition registration)

Unmodified and certified helmet (EN 966), harness (EN 1651), and paraglider (EN 926/2 ), rescue parachute, VHF radio & mobile phone. Your glider must have valid proof of airworthiness (valid tehnical check if gliders is older than 2 years), you need to fly the glider inside certified weight range!!!


The participation in this competition is at own risk of each pilot. The organizer takes no responsibility for pilots or any other third parties. Any transfer to take off and retrieval shuttle service are at own risk of pilots.


GPS-Waypoints upload:

Waypoints file is available on this site, so you can upload waypoints on your own.

We will also upload waypoints during registration procedure.




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