Soca Open Valley 2017

Type Cat. From To Country Location Price
125,00 €

photo by: Wojciech Kocot

Official FAI-2 competition, organised in Slovenia (Camp Gabrje, Soca Valley). Ragistration is opened from 5th April 10.00 am. 

Competition days: 27th April - 30th April (+ reserve days 1st and 2nd May 2017)
We will use reserve days in case less than three valid tasks will be flown before last competition days.

Competition place

Camp Gabrje, Soca Valley (take offs Kobala, Lijak). HQ will be located at the Camp Gabrje. 
Read more about HQ Camp Gabrje 

Pilots selection

Total accepted pilots number: 110
The competition is open for 110 pilots, flying certified wings (EN/LTF A, EN/LTF B, EN/LTF C, EN/LTF D, CCC).

Registrations will be accepted on the first come first serve basis for first 70 pilots.
Additional 30 pilots will be selected from pilots waiting list. Priority will goes to:

  • Slovenian and Croatian pilots (slovenian league): 30
  • WPRS ranking: 10

Competition categories

  • OVERALL  (certified gliders EN/LTF A, EN/LTF B, EN/LTF C, EN/LTF D, CCC)
  • SPORT CLASS (certified gliders EN-C)
  • FUN CLASS (certified gliders up to EN-B)
  • JUNIOR CUP (pilots up to 28 years, flying certified gliders up to EN-C)
  • FEMALE PILOTS  (certified gliders EN/LTF A, EN/LTF B, EN/LTF C, EN/LTF D, CCC)

Competition entry requirements

  • Valid pilot license and valid FAI sporting license
  • IPPI card level 5 - if you dont have it contact us by mail
  • Medical insurance covering paragliding (proof will be checked at competition registration)
  • Third party liability insurance covering paragliding (proof will be checked at competition registration)
  • Unmodified and certified helmet (EN 966), harness (EN 1651), and paraglider (EN 926/2 or CCC), rescue parachute, VHF radio & mobile phone. Your glider must have valid tehnical check, you need to fly the glider inside certified weight range!!!

Prizes & awards

Trophies and practical awards in all categories: SPORT CLASS, FUN CLASS, JUNIOR CUP, FEMALE PILOTS.


Your place at the competition will be confirmed after receiving payment!

Registrsation is open from 5th April 10.00 am. 

Entry fee

Reserve your place at the event with pre-payment. The rest you will pay at your arrival to Tolmin or in days before the event.

  • - DISCOUNTED, for pilots registered & confirmed between 40-80 pilots 125 € (pre-payment 75 € + 50 €)
  • - REGULAR, for pilots registered & confirmed after 80 pilots: 135 € (pre-payment 85 € + 50 €)

Discount 20 € for young pilots below 28 years old! (pre-payment + 30€)

Payment is possible by paypal or by bank transfer. For place confirmation you need to register and pay the entry fee (pre-payment or full payment).



Športni klub Lep oblak, Gradišče 7, SI-1360 Vrhnika, EU-Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 1010 0004 9806 973
Bank details: Banka Koper d.d., Pristaniška ulica 14, SI-6502 Koper, EU-Slovenia


Entry fee includes

  • Transport & retrieval,
  • Take off fees,
  • Maps with turnpoints, 
  • Daily lunch packets,
  • Goal beer,
  • Prizes & awards for winners,
  • Food & drink coupons,
  • Alternative program.

Payment and refund rules

  • In case of cancellation we will not refund you the pre-payment. If you paid full payment in the registration process, we will refund you the other part of the entry fee - 10€ for transaction costs and work.
  • Change of pilots: You can change your place with some other pilots until 5 days before event. Later this is not an option anymore, we need some time to prepare everything for the competition. We have some work with each change, price for the changing name of the competitor is 5€. 
  • In case of organiser cancellation of the event based on weather prediction the organiser will keep 15 € per pilot for covering organising costs, transaction costs and work, all other part of payments will be refunded to the pilots. 
  • Task 4 - Lijak

    Gašper Prevc 02.05.2017
    Nice final task with lots of pilots in goal. Most turnpoints were located in the flats. It was Slovakian day today, 1st is Emil Cervenan with glide 1m over the...
  • Task 3 - Kobala

    Gašper Prevc 01.05.2017
    Finally nice weather conditions:) We were able to make 67km long task, and most of the pilots finished the race. The winner is Joze Molek, 5 minutes ahead of...
  • Task 1 - Lijak

    Gašper Prevc 29.04.2017
    After some waiting at the take off we finally receive one gap of clear sky. Unfortunately it didnt last long, so not all the pilots have a chance to climb over...
  • Soca Open - info for pilots vol. 2

    Gašper Prevc 26.04.2017
    After the rain, comes the sun. Now the program is fixed. We will organise the comp between Saturday 29.4. - Monday 1.5.2017, Tuesday 2.5. we will use as...