Junior Challenge Tolmin

Type Cat. From To Country Location Price
20,00 €

The event is suited for Newcomers of all age in competition flying.

We have a team of internationally successful competition pilots who act as coaches and will do daily briefings and debriefings as well as presentations about various topics of competition flying. Participants from Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

Entry fee

Minimal entry fee 20 € for pilots up to 28 years and all women. Others pay 130 €.


Serial Class only – definition: Gliders with flat aspect ratio up to 7.0 which were not specifically built for racing. So all cross country Low En-D gliders are accepted.

Competition dates

Wednesday, 24.8. - Sunday, 28.08.2016


Every competition of the series is sponsored by a manufacturer who will provide very attractive prices for the winner.  In Tolmin: lightweight glider from UP.

Transport to the take off

Transport to takeoff is not included but will be organized by us. 


Documentation with GPS capable of logging a 3d track or with smart phones. Pilots need to bring there own cable suited for their device in case the organization does not have the right one. We will provide a scorer but we ask the pilots to download their tracks and send them to the organization by mail. These APPS are recommended.


It is mandatory to provide the organization at the beginning of the competition with a mobile phone number under which the pilot can be reached any time. It is recommended that every pilot brings a radio for emergency communication.

Registration, payment

You can register and place payment for the competition at the official competition website.  Another option is that you make registration here and place payment to slovenian co-organisers:

Paypal payment - 20 € for pilots below age 28 and women pilots
Paypal payment - 130 € for all other pilots

Here are details for bank transfer:

Športni klub Lep oblak, Gradišče 7, SI-1360 Vrhnika, EU-Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 1010 0004 9806 973
Bank details: Banka Koper d.d., Pristaniška ulica 14, SI-6502 Koper, EU-Slovenia