16th Ratitovec Open 2016

FAI 2.class competition

Organizer: KJP Krokar Železniki
Date: 07th till 10th of july 2016
- wednesday 06th july - registration from 14:00
- thursday 07th july - registration from 6:00, 1st day of competition
- 07th - 10th july - competition days
- sunday 10th of july - final ceremony
Take off will be on Ratitovec (if neccessery on other places around Železniki: Vrše, Krvavec, Ambrož), main landing is near the main road Škofja Loka - Železniki in town Studeno ( about 2km before Železniki)
Registration fee:
- 50 € if paid till 01.05.2016
- 80 € if paid till 31.05.2016
- 90 € if paid after 01.06.2016 till the day before the competition, including 06.07.2016
- 100 € if paid on the first day of competition or any other day during the competition
Payment is not possiblle for individual days. 
Entry fee can be transfered to our account:
KJP Krokar
Češnjica 15b
4228 Železniki
IBAN : SI56070000000183129 ,
bank name GB d.d., on the payment form state your name, if payed for more then one pilot state pilots registered numbers or CIVL numbers. If unshure, send us scanned payment with names to our email, and we will take care of it. Entry fee can be payed during the competition, but will be more expencive.
PayPal payment:
You can also pay via PayPal
Practical prizes will be aworded in all other categories.
Competitors must have proper equipment, paragliding licence, valid FAI sporting licence and IPPI level 5. 
Only certified gliders are allowed (EN, CCC).
Contact: email ali na tel.: +386 40 505 915 - Igor Eržen