PARAGLIDING WINTER CUP - info for pilots

Wed, 03 March 2017

I am receiving more and more mails about the comp regarding bad weather prediction... Here is the decision:
1. Weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) are for sure cancelled.
2. Final decision if we organize the comp from Monday - Thursday or if we use reserve dates will be announced on Friday morning.


Most of you are familiar with the request of Slovenian flying agency: Each competitor needs to have valid IPPI card level 5 and glider with valid technical check. In order to fullfill this request I will need to get the copy of this two things for each competitor this time. So... take a photo of your IPPI level 5 card and your glider data (it is located at the middle cell) and send them by mail. Pilots who will not send me these data before first competition day are not allowed to compete - i will be forced to disqaulify such pilots from the event. Next information will be delivered to your mailbox on Friday morning. regards Gasper