Past events

  • Liga preleti 2018

    Liga 2018 Slovenia From: 01.05.2018 To: 07.08.2018
    Slovenan League total results 2018. Liga 2018: Skupni rezultati lige 2018 1. Paragliding Winter Cup  Organizator : Nice cloud (Prevc Gašper)Lokacija :...
  • Soca Open Valley 2018

    XC FAI2 Slovenia From: 27.04.2018 To: 30.04.2018
    photo by: Wojciech Kocot Official FAI-2 competition, organised in Slovenia (Camp Gabrje, Soca Valley). Registration is open from: Friday, 26.01.2018 10.00AM...
  • Paragliding winter cup 2018

    XC FAI2 Slovenia From: 13.04.2018 To: 18.04.2018
    Official FAI-2 competition, organised in Slovenia (Nova Gorica). Registration is opened from: Thursday, 11.01.2018 10AM. All available places for early ...
  • ParaglidingWinterCup - SnowFlake 2017/18

    Slovenia From: 23.09.2017 To: 25.04.2018
    The “official” organized competition is terminated. Detailed informations:
  • Serial cup 2017

    XC FAI2 Slovenia From: 04.09.2017 To: 09.09.2017
    SerialCUP is paragliding cross-country competition for pilots flying serial wings up to EN-C class (EN/LTF A, EN/LTF B, EN/LTF C). Event is primarily designed...

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