Footwear modifications

Fri, 08 August 2018

It has come to our attention that there is evidence that some pilots have recently been using unsuitable footwear in competition where modifications to their shoes have the potential to cause damage to the Automatic Measuring Device Pads.  These pads are very expensive, therefore notice is hereby given to remind competitors of the requirements of the Sporting Code Section 7C Paragraph 8.3.4 which states:

“Footwear must be suitable for a safe landing in all valid wind conditions. Heel and tip of competitors’ footwear must not be modified such that it can damage the automatic measuring device. Any footwear addition must be made from soft rubber.”

Please be advised that we will be inspecting footwear during this competition and any footwear modifications that are not made of rubber (e.g. plastic, metal, ceramic or similar content) including fixtures (screw or studs) OR have sharp edges that can cause damage will be excluded from the competition. Further and for the purpose of clarity with regard to what is ‘soft rubber’, we will consider that the rubber material of any modification should not be harder than the sole of the shoe to which it is affixed.

Be advised that because of the concerns raised, this subject will be discussed in detail during the competition as the Accuracy Committee is looking to introduce more specific rules within the Sporting Code at the next CIVL Plenary including dimensions of such modifications. Your contributions are invited.