Metuljmania Open 2020: Turn your race mode ON

Thu, 07 July 2020
First and most importantly: The weather is looking good, the race is on!
Further information about the competition:
  • The scoring system used for Metuljmania 2020 is Time-Based-Scoring or TBS. In short, you will be scored by your elapsed time and not by points. There will be no sprints bonus times. If you are not familiar with TBS you are strongly advised to inform yourself here and/or watch the following presentation.
  • Tomorrow, on Friday, one day before the competition, the weather looks good (weak winds, small chances of overdevelopment in the afternoon) and you can do a nice training flight. We prepared a task for those who want to get familiar with the region. Find it in the attachments. There will be some organized transport to the takeoff, but only from the official landing Kompolje. Call +386 41 830 338 if you need it (the transport tomorrow is not included in the registration fee as we do not have an official training day). You can also use the whatsapp group for easier organisation.
  • Weather situation: Forecast for Friday (training day) and Saturday (first competition day) looks amazing! About sunday: some overdevelopment is forecasted in the afternoon but according to our weather guy, not sooner than 16-17 PM. 
  • Registrations will open on Saturday at the mountain hut Lisca at 7:30 in the morning.
  • Send me a photo of your pilot's licence and
  • a photo of your valid proof of airworthiness (valid technical check if glider is older than 2 years)
  • bring your face masks
See you soon!