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  • Dobrča Open 2021

    Liga 2021 FAI2 Slovenia Od: 15.05.2021 Do: 16.05.2021
    ! IMPORTANT ! DOBRCA OPEN 2021 is canceled! .     Best regards,Dpl Lesce-Bled Dobrča Open 2021 FAI 2 Paragliding competition organized in Slovenia (Dobrča). ...
  • Lisca Open 2021 - CANCELLED

    Liga 2021 FAI2 Slovenia Od: 26.03.2021 Do: 28.03.2021
    Lisca open 2021 - CANCELLED   Due to the current situation with Covid-19 we are forced to cancel LISCA OPEN 2021. Thank you for understanding.    Official FAI-...
  • ParaSnowflake 2020/2021

    Od: 17.10.2020 Do: 28.03.2021
    ParaSnowflake 2020/2021 Due Covid-19 situation and restrictions, ParaSnowflake2020/21 is postponed till further notice.(ParaSnowflake will be on hold, till...
  • Kovk Open 2020

    Liga 2020 FAI2 Slovenia Od: 19.09.2020 Do: 20.09.2020
    Kovk Open 2020 Zaključek Lige v JP 2020 Official FAI-2 Paragliding competition (Kovk, Budanje (Vipava)) ORGANIZATOR / ORGANIZER:DJP Kovk AjdovščinaSlomškova...

    XC FAI2 Slovenia Od: 07.09.2020 Do: 14.09.2020
    photo by: Wojchiech Kocot Registration to the event is open from 16.7.2020. Official FAI-2 competition, organised in Slovenia (Camp Gabrje, Soca Valley). ...

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  • Metuljmania 2021: Task 1 results

    Dogodek: Metuljmania Open 2021
    Mitja Jančič 09.08.2021
    The first task is finished. The weather conditions were difficult but we still managed to have a nice task. Results are published here.
  • Plan for Sunday

    Dogodek: Kovk Open 2020
    The plan tomorrow is to meet at Picerija Anja at 9:00. From there we will go to Lijak take off. The last shuttle leaves at 9:30.If you are too late you have to...
  • Rezultati prvega taska

    Dogodek: Kovk Open 2020
    Prvi task smo uspešno zaključili. Rezultati so na Airtribune (