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  • ParaSnowflake 2021/2022

    Slovenia Od: 17.10.2021 Do: 27.03.2022
    ParaSnowflake 2021/2022ParaSnowflake it currently running as FREE "flying meetings".Donations for supporting, task setting, briefing, scorring,...

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  • PGA Dobrovlje Open 2021 Accuracy competition

    PGA FAI2 Slovenia Od: 18.09.2021 Do: 19.09.2021
    Official national championship and FAI-2 accuracy competition PGA Dobrovlje OPEN 2021   ORGANIZER: Društvo jadralnih padalcev Aves Braslovče Grajska vas 24A...
  • Serial Cup 2021

    XC FAI2 Slovenia Od: 24.08.2021 Do: 30.08.2021
    SerialCUP is paragliding cross-country competition for pilots flying serial wings up to EN-C class (EN/LTF A, EN/LTF B, EN/LTF C). Event is primarily designed...
  • Metuljmania Open 2021

    Liga 2021 FAI2 Slovenia Od: 07.08.2021 Do: 08.08.2021
    Metuljmania Open 2021 FAI 2 Paragliding competition organized in Slovenia (Lisca).  ORGANIZER:Društvo jadralnih padalcev Metulj Rimske TopliceGloboko 8h3272...
  • Krvavec Open - Sloveian Championship 2021

    Liga 2021 FAI1 Slovenia Od: 03.07.2021 Do: 09.07.2021
      More info and registration For more info and registration check:
  • Adrenalin cup 2021

    XC FAI2 Slovenia Od: 21.05.2021 Do: 25.05.2021
    Adrenalin Cup 2021 CANCELED We have to adjust the dates for the competition (military practice closed air space on 20th May) please see competition schedule...

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